Why the Left’s “Anti-Trump Left” is so anti-Trump

By James Taranto November 19, 2018 11:04:02 The left’s “anti-Trump” left is so far from the truth.

The Left is “anti Trump” because the GOP is “racist,” “sexist,” and “anti women.”

Trump, meanwhile, is “pro-LGBT” because he’s “progressive.”

And so on.

This is why we’re in the current mess.

Trump is not a fascist.

He is a man of principle, of compassion, and of love.

Trump understands the power of compassion and love.

He cares deeply about the pain of others, and he cares about our well-being.

He wants to help us.

He has never tried to make America great again.

He doesn’t want us to be left behind, and we don’t want him to be.

We are not going to allow him to undo the progress we’ve made.

The left has spent the last four decades trying to delegitimize Trump and, in doing so, have undermined his presidency.

Trump, who ran on a platform of change, is not in any way anti-Semitic.

The mainstream media has also failed to report that Trump is anti-semitic.

But as a Jew, I have a moral responsibility to report on what the anti-Semitism in Trump’s administration is, because I know what it is.

Trump’s first cabinet nominees have been Jewish, which, in light of his past, makes the administration’s nominee for Attorney General, Rudy Giuliani, a very bad choice.

The most obvious examples of Trump’s anti-Semite views are his support for Israel’s brutal war in Gaza and his criticism of Israel’s military assault on the West Bank.

I have heard Trump say these things repeatedly.

The president has a long history of supporting the racist and anti-Arab regime in Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority, and his supporters and supporters in the alt-right believe that they’re fighting for “white identity.”

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are among Trump’s most dangerous ideas, and they’re being implemented with devastating effects.

This week, the president issued a tweet calling for the removal of a federal judge in Texas who ruled against him in the so-called “Muslim ban,” a move that would have allowed the president to put a halt to the immigration of Muslim-majority people.

The order, which was originally issued in February, was halted in January by a federal court in Hawaii.

In his tweets on Wednesday, Trump also called for the mass killing of people, including women and children, at a mosque in Minnesota.

Trump has been an advocate of “Muslim-on-Muslim crime” and said that the Muslim community was “the largest domestic terrorist threat in the world.”

I can’t imagine any president in history more dangerous than Donald Trump.

I am Jewish and I’ve lived through anti-Jewish violence in my lifetime.

But I am not anti-Muslim.

I can only hope that Trump’s supporters and their supporters around the country understand what the true anti-Americanism is.

The pro-Trump left has not only embraced anti-anti-Semites.

It’s also been waging a “war” on Muslims.

The liberal left has been trying to shut down the debate on the topic of anti-White terrorism and Muslim-on­Muslim crime by using a variety of “alternative facts.”

But the anti­-Trump anti-Black activists have succeeded in pushing the notion that the only way to stop Black and Arab people from killing Whites is to make them look bad.

It doesn’t matter what you think of Trump and his policies, or the people he represents.

What matters is that you attack and demonize Black and brown people, and that you demonize Muslims, as well.

And you make no attempt to engage with the real concerns of Black and Brown people.

Anti-Muslim bigotry is not an accident.

It is a deliberate effort by the left to delegitimate the presidency of the United States, and it is a war that will continue, and in the end, will destroy it.

The anti-white movement has been emboldened by Trump’s presidency, and the Left is not about to let it end.

As far as the left is concerned, it is Trump’s job to protect the White people, but Trump is a monster.

Anti‑Trump leftists, whether they are in the Trump administration or not, are not interested in protecting the White race.

They are interested in destroying it.