Why Disney’s World of Motion has its own job-tracking app

Disney is expanding its World of Tomorrow app to include an in-app job-tracking service.

The new job-trackers, called “JobTracker” and “JobMasters,” will allow Disney employees to quickly track the jobs they’ve been assigned to, as well as the jobs that are open in their respective industries.

Disney CEO Bob Iger told reporters at a company-wide briefing today that the job-finding service is “a great way to keep track of your career.”

He said that the company has been working on it for some time, but the “great thing about it is that it’s a very comprehensive job-finder.”

Iger said the job trackers will be used by Disney’s roughly 15 million employees worldwide, but did not give any specific dates for when they’ll be available for use.

He also said that Disney has hired several hundred more workers to its human resources team, and that they’re working with the company to develop new employee profiles to make it easier for them to find the best people for the jobs.