Which employers are currently under investigation?

5,000 employers in Virginia are currently investigating claims of discrimination against applicants.

The state’s unemployment agency, the Department of Labor and Industries, announced last week that more than 1,000 companies have received the notification.

While the majority of those who are currently being investigated are local companies, a few are also state-based companies.

The largest of these are Virginia’s major employers: Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles, the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Fairfax County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and Virginia’s Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Virginia Department for Human Resources officials said the state will be conducting more of its own investigation into discrimination cases.

The agency also announced last month that it will be investigating two local employers who allegedly violated the state’s Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Virginia’s Employment Standards Enforcement Agency, which is also looking into the incidents, announced in May that it had launched an investigation into employment discrimination claims.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and his administration have been quick to defend their decision to expand protections to local employers, saying that the state has been doing a better job than most states at combating discrimination.

However, critics say the changes are not enough and that the measures have already created a backlog of potential cases.