Which Disney Employees Can You Leave in NYC?

It’s not every day you find yourself on the other side of a Disney reservation line, but you’re in luck.

As many of us are beginning to understand the value of the Internet and social media, it’s not a surprise that many Disney employees are taking advantage of these technologies to post their job titles, salaries and more to social media.

It’s also not uncommon to see Disney employees on the job, posting their pay stubs, job descriptions and more online.

But what if you’re not able to post that on Facebook or Twitter, but need to stay connected to your job and your coworkers?

Here are some tips for staying connected with your Disney colleagues and their families online.


Use Facebook and Twitter for Business 2.

Keep a record of your job postings, resumes and more 3.

Use Google Hangouts or Skype for your company meetings and other meetings.


Keep track of all your job openings in the Disney job search app.


Use Apple HealthKit to monitor and control your health at work.

Disney employees can use Apple Health for payroll and health reporting purposes.

For more tips on staying connected, check out this post.

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