What to expect in Kentucky for the next few weeks

A few hours after the deadly shooting at the offices of the Kentucky Employment Development Agency, the governor and other officials are meeting with families, including one in mourning.

But even though the governor will be at the funeral, the focus of the meeting will be the economic development department.

In a few weeks, more than a hundred people will gather at the KEDA headquarters to hear from Gov.

Matt Bevin.

“We’ll do a full range of economic development and jobs and job creation, so it’s going to be a really tough conversation,” said state Sen. Tim Carter, R-Columbia, who is attending the meeting.

He said it’s important for Kentucky to “get its economy going” and that it must be “proactive” with investments.

In his weekly address, Bevin announced $10 million in additional investment in the state’s unemployment department, which he said is a key part of helping people get back to work.

The administration said in a statement it has already invested $3 million in its workforce and $6 million in other parts of the agency.

While the economic team has been working to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, the news of the shooting at KEDAA has put a cloud over what the state could be doing to help its jobless workforce.

“This is the biggest holiday in the nation,” said Gov.

Brad Henry, R, who will be in Kentucky this week.

“I can’t wait for this to be over and get back home and all the families that have been hurt and all those that have lost their jobs, and then to go back to the workforce and do some more work.”

The shooting has raised questions about the governor’s approach to the economy.

The KEDAs offices were located at an apartment complex in Lexington and were closed on Monday for the holiday.

The shooting is the latest in a string of incidents at Keddas office buildings across the state.

Earlier this year, at least seven people were killed at a Kedda office in Lexington.

More recently, at a separate Keddah office in the same area, four people were shot and killed.

The latest shooting comes as a federal judge has ordered the release of nearly 1 million pages of documents related to the Keddahs workplace.

The documents show Keddaias workers have been subjected to workplace intimidation and harassment, including being forced to stay in their office for hours at a time.

The investigation also shows that at least one Keddaa employee has been fired for refusing to follow the agency’s dress code.

Kentucky is one of at least three states that has been hit by at least two similar shootings since the beginning of the year.

A federal appeals court on Friday ordered Kentucky to release records related to Kedds workplace and disciplinary processes.

The state has said it will release the records Monday.