What happens when a union says it won’t give a wage raise to a unionized worker?

OHIO — An Ohio labor union says its members won’t be able to bargain over wages for a group of workers, even if they are unionized.

The Ohio Labor Council says it is negotiating with the union that represents Ohio’s public-school teachers, and will decide by mid-May if the bargaining team can keep bargaining on a wage increase that’s a part of the union contract.

It also says it has a contract with another union that is not a bargaining team.

The council says it’s negotiating with a union called Educators for Public Education and that it won the right to strike, which would have meant it would have been able to negotiate wages for the teachers in question.

Ohio law states that a union can bargain for the wages of workers that are part of its bargaining team, but the council says its bargaining force includes educators and other employees who are part-time.

The union also says there is no provision in the contract that allows it to bargain for wages that exceed the union’s wage base.

In its statement, the council said it is not considering striking a wage cut or giving up union recognition if the agreement allows for it.

It said it had no comment on the union asking for a wage hike.