What do you get when you mix the internet and the police? A Queensland police officer’s terrifying tale of cybercrime

Posted October 12, 2018 12:16:00 In the aftermath of the devastating mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a Queensland police investigation into the attack has been dubbed the “Pulse investigation”.

The investigation, dubbed Operation Safe Streets, has led to the arrest of a number of individuals and has also lead to the discovery of new evidence.

On Thursday, the Queensland Police Force announced it had made “an extraordinary breakthrough” in the investigation, with the arrests of five people.

“The arrests have taken place and we can confirm that the men arrested in the course of the Operation Safe Roads investigation have been identified as: Queensland Police Force (QPFP) Detective Sergeant Paul D’Amore and Detective Sergeant Scott McLean.

Queenland Police Service (QPS) Constable John Bower and Constable David Ayliffe.

Police said the five were being sought on the following charges: Assault with a firearm, an indictable offence.

An indictable offense of possessing a firearm by a person who is a minor, an offence for which a penalty of a fine of $150 will be imposed and a court date set.

A maximum fine of 10,000 Queensland dollars ($9,800) is being sought.

Assaults with a dangerous weapon, an an indictables offence.

 Assault causing bodily harm, an assault with a weapon.

Penalty for the assault with weapons.

Burglary with a weapons offence, an act committed with the intention to commit an indictably offence of theft.

Inspector D’Almo said the arrests were made as a result of the investigation into a robbery on May 31 at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The incident took place in the early hours of May 31, when two men attempted to enter a security area at the hospital.

After entering the hospital, the men stole a computer from a secure area and went on to steal a television from a reception desk.

On May 31 and May 32, the suspects were arrested by officers at a number other locations.

It is understood the men will face trial in the Queensland Supreme Court in the coming weeks. “

We are committed to working with our partners to ensure they are held to account and have their rights protected,” Inspector D’Amato said.

It is understood the men will face trial in the Queensland Supreme Court in the coming weeks.

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