Trump’s employment security adviser says there’s no reason for concern about his background

U.S. President Donald Trump’s top adviser on employment security, Joseph O’Sullivan, said there was no reason to be concerned about the president’s past employment history, even if the president was born in Ireland.

Trump has not said whether he is an American citizen, and his campaign has not released any documents that would show his citizenship status.

The president has said he is a naturalized citizen and was born and raised in the U.K. but has not been able to prove that to the public.

O’Connell told the Washington Examiner that he was not surprised by the comments, but said he had not been briefed on them by the White House.


Sullivan was one of a number of people who served as advisers to the Trump campaign, including Jared Kushner and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

He previously served as an adviser to Trump’s Senate campaign in New York, where he was in charge of the state’s voter file.

Oates and Trump have said that they were never aware of the existence of a criminal conviction in New Jersey.

Trump was not a member of the U,S.

military when he entered the country, according to Oates.

Oakes, who has been in his role since February, has been a vocal critic of Trump, including calling him a “fraud” during a televised debate last month.

Oaths and Oates are also the top officials in Trump’s administration for overseeing the federal bureaucracy.

Oats said he and his deputy chief of staff, Rick Dearborn, would remain in the Trump administration after Oates was appointed as the secretary of labor.

The Trump administration has said it has not considered the appointment of Oates to the post, and that it does not plan to name someone to the position.

Overnight, The Washington Post reported that Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, a longtime adviser to the president, is cooperating with federal investigators probing the Trump Organization.

Manafort has pleaded not guilty.