Trump says he will be ‘open to negotiation’ with employers

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP said he wants to “tweak” his stance on allowing employers to offer flexible working hours, but did not rule out the possibility of negotiating with them.

Mr Trump made the comments during a news conference at the White House on Thursday.

The President said he would be open to negotiating with employers, adding: “They have to be fair.

They have to let everybody come in and work.

That’s what I’ve said.”

He added that he would not be forced to accept an increase in the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen, I don’t believe that’s a good idea,” Mr Trump said.

“It’s going go up very, very quickly, so we’re not going to do it, but I think it’s fair that they do it.

That will go up pretty quickly.”

He said that the President had not made a decision on raising the federal salary cap and that it was possible for the federal government to adjust its wage floor to meet market demands.

“If they want to make adjustments, they have to do them,” Mr Donald Trump said of the Federal Reserve.

“We’ll be talking to the Federal Government.

We’re not gonna be forced.”

The President also said that he expected to announce an executive order to protect young workers from being fired.

“We’re going to be signing executive orders soon to protect our young people,” Mr President said.

A spokesman for the Department of Labor said that it would not comment on whether the President planned to announce a change to the rules.

Mr Trump said that Congress had not passed legislation to fund the border wall with Mexico, and that he had instructed the Treasury Secretary to come up with a plan to finance the wall.

“The wall is not funded, I’m telling you, the wall is a hoax, it’s not a wall,” Mr Mr Trump added.

Trump says Mexico won’t pay for border wall Trump says Mexico will not pay for the border fence, and the President also says the US will stop reimbursing Mexico for the costs of building it.

Mexico, for its part, said that Mr Trump had not said that, and has not promised to pay for any wall it builds.

Mr Donald Trump added that Mexico was “not paying for it”.

“We have to stop paying for that wall.

Mexico is not paying for the wall, but they are paying for a lot of other things,” he said.