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The cast of The Last of Us: Who is it for?

This is where things get tricky because a lot depends on how much the first game’s plot is covered in the first season.

Mazin confirmed in an interview with Consequence: The principal season is the occasions of the primary game. Additionally, as you can see from the promotional materials, we are also covering the events of the Left Behind DLC if you have played the game.”

Exactly as expected, we’ve seen this work out with Ellie and Riley’s maturing romantic tale unfurling in a neglected shopping center. Ellie’s search for medical supplies for Joel, who was injured, was also intertwined in the first season. Both of these occasions occurred in The Remainder of Us: The Left Behind game was an expansion pack for the original game that could be downloaded and focused on the two timelines.

Since both the principal game and the extra have now been highlighted in season one, that would persuade us to think that season two will begin with a portion of the occasions of the subsequent game, The Remainder of Us Part II.

Given that Joel and Ellie appear in the sequel to Last of Us, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are expected to reprise their roles.

Since the games are set five years apart, Pascal would have a little bit more gray hair. In the meantime, Bella Ramsey would appear younger than she does in season one. In real life, she is 19 years old, whereas Ellie was 14 in the first season.)

The story likewise includes Joel’s sibling Tommy — played by Gabriel Luna in season one, so he’s probably going to be back, as well. In addition, it introduces Ellie’s girlfriend Dina and a brand-new protagonist named Abby Anderson.