THE HANDMAID’S TALE Season 6 – FINAL; Spin-off Revealed; Elisabeth Moss Reacts to Alexis Bledel Exit

The Handmaid’s Story season 6 plot

No authority plot focuses for The Handmaid’s Story season 6 have been unveiled at this point, yet the cliffhanger toward the finish of season 5 remaining a few quite central issues to reply. Just a quick recap: in season 5, Canada’s government tightened its grip on its citizens and became increasingly like Gilead.

June and Luke decided in the finale that they needed to leave the country as soon as possible. However, when Luke attacked a truck driver who was trying to hurt June, things took a bad turn. The driver’s wounds were lethal and the Canadian specialists captured Luke, passing on June to escape all alone with her girl Nichole.

She learned that Serena and her child were traveling with them on their train out of the country. Given the pair have been in constant disagreement the entire season, this could demonstrate fascinating when the show returns. Nick has escaped to Canada, Luke and June’s daughter Hannah is still trapped in Gilead, and Commander Lawrence is working on Gilead 2.0, New Bethlehem.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab), executive producer Bruce Miller stated that he does not anticipate a significant time shift when the show returns. He stated, “We tend not to jump in time very much.” Also, it’s because my brain doesn’t work that way. I’m like, ‘What happens next?’.”

He also hinted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab) that there will be some unfinished business between Nick and June in the final season. He told Entertainment Weekly, “I feel like this is the most romantic season ever for Nick and June because they spend the whole time trying to convince themselves that they don’t need to be together.” And by the end, they are completely unsuccessful and fail completely. They are so in love that they can’t think about anything else, and they don’t even see each other in the last episode.”

However, Miller will not serve as showrunner for season 6, according to the most recent information available prior to production. He’s composing the initial two episodes yet will then, at that point, turn to The Confirmations as Eric Tuchman and Yahlin Chang take on showrunner obligations (H/T Variety(opens in new tab)).