NFL NFL: Anthem Employer Portal: Employers can now test their employees Anthem Employers portal,Target employment tests,pre-employment tests

3 months ago | Posted 1 hour agoThe NFL is using an NFL Employer portal to test their players.

The league has been rolling out a number of new player health measures over the past month, including new nasal masks, new facial masks, and a new nasal spray for players.

In a video posted to Facebook, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league is partnering with Target to test and evaluate its employees.

“We are working with Target on an experiment that will give employees the opportunity to test our new health and safety protocols and to evaluate whether the new measures are working,” Aiellos Facebook post said.

The NFL has been testing players’ health measures since the start of the year, and recently extended an experiment with the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets to allow players to test for the disease.

The league has also tested players with the Mayo Clinic for the infection.

The NBA also announced that it is partnering on a new player wellness program with the NFL.

That program will give players an opportunity to be part of a team-wide program to help them improve their health.