Lowes jobs loss letter sent to employees

LOWER HILLS, N.C. – A letter sent out to employees in the company’s North Carolina office says it will no longer offer paid sick leave.

Employees of Lowe’s, a popular chain of convenience stores, are calling for a pay raise and a raise in the amount they are entitled to receive after months of waiting for a raise.

The letter, sent to customers, says the company has lost nearly 500 jobs in the last three years, and the company lost $7 billion in 2016 alone.

It also says the loss of workers has impacted its bottom line.

Lowes said in a statement that it is reviewing its business strategy, adding that it expects to continue to invest in the store and improve our workforce in the months ahead.

A recent CNNMoney investigation found that nearly half of Lowe, which includes many of the nation’s largest grocery chains, was unable to find a buyer for some or all of its stores, resulting in hundreds of layoffs and hundreds of stores closing.