LOTR: THE RINGS OF POWER Season 2 Confirmed for 2023 (Filming in UK) after Record-breaking Premiere

The Rings of Force, Amazon’s anxiously anticipated series in light of JRR Tolkien’s Master of the Rings, has arrived at the finish of its most memorable season.

The eight-part fantasy drama has transported viewers to Middle-earth long before The Lord of the Rings. There, they will meet both familiar and new characters.

The fabulous creation has made shocking new universes like the island of Númenor, the Elvish place that is known for Lindon and the Dwarves’ underground fortress at Khazad-dûm, and provided us with the remarkable sight of the once-gorgeous Southlands turning into the dim, premonition Orc universe of Mordor.

What are The Rings of Power’s next steps? When can we anticipate returning to Middle-earth, where we might go in season 2, and who will be joining the cast of the new show?