How to Get the Job Offer Letter You’ve Been Looking For

Business Insider reported that an employee who was recently hired by a Chicago company said the company had a job offer letter, but the letter didn’t tell him what he needed to do to get the job.

According to a report by the Chicago Business Journal, an employee said the offer letter didn “not tell him how to apply for the job or how to get hired.”

The employee said his employer told him that he had to send an application to the company and then submit it to the recruiter who would forward it to a manager.

According to the employee, the recruiler said the letter would only be used to apply to a particular position.

The employee said he sent the letter to the manager but didn’t receive a response.

The employee also said the recruitor sent the employee a letter and then left a voicemail for the company, asking him to call them back.

When the employee called the number, he received an automated message saying the company would not pick up.

According the Business Journal report, the employee said, “I don’t think the recruator was telling the truth.

They were saying ‘Hey, we’re going to call you back.'”

The employee was able to contact a recruiter, but was told that he would have to go to another company and pay more.

The company did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.