How to get an Apple Pay card for your employees

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To get an ID card or a pay card, you will need to: 1.

Set up an account with the Apple Pay Card program, which allows you to access a payment method on your phone.


Use a credit or debit card that is linked to your account.

If you already have an Apple ID card linked to a credit card, the card will be linked to the same Apple ID, so you will not need to enter a PIN number when signing in.

The card should be linked by Apple Pay to a debit or credit card account.


Create an Apple Cardholder Account on your Apple Pay account, which you can then use to access your payment methods.

This account will be shared with the other Apple Pay customers you have in your organization.


The Apple Pay application will automatically sign your credit card on the Apple Card user account.

You can use this account to make payments from any Apple Pay device, including Apple Pay cards and Apple Pay Pay accounts.

If your organization doesn’t allow for direct-to-consumer transactions, you can use a credit, debit, or prepaid card with your Apple ID or Apple Pay Credit or debit cards.

To learn more about the Apple Passport, read How to use an Apple Passports Apple Pay Apple Pay credit card to pay for your favorite products at retail stores.

When you buy at retail, Apple Pay charges a fee to the cardholder account.

To avoid this fee, make sure your card has sufficient funds on it to cover your purchase.

If not, your card will not be charged and you won’t be able to use your Apple PassPort.

Learn more about Apple Pay and the Apple Watch on Apple’s website.

You will also need to create an Apple account in your business.

If this isn’t your first Apple Pay purchase, you may need to set up an Apple Payments account first to use Apple Pay with your other Apple account.

After setting up your Apple Payments business account, you need to sign in with your business card.

For more information, read the ApplePay Business account requirements and the Business Account Information section of Apple Pay’s FAQ.

Once you’ve logged in to your business, you’ll be able access your ApplePassport card.

If Apple Pay is enabled on your iPhone, you also can pay with your iPhone or iPad.

Learn how to set the ApplePassPort to use with Apple Pay.

If the Apple passport is linked with an AppleID or ApplePay credit card and you’re a customer, you won the right to use the AppleID credit or pay card at the checkout.

If there’s no Apple ID associated with your account, it’s a gift card.

Learn when to gift cards and how to make them for employees.


Use your ApplePay account to pay your employees, and then transfer the credit or the Apple account balance to a bank account.

Learn the difference between cash and check.

Apple Pay requires a bank or credit union account number.

If that’s not your bank or bank account number, it may be linked with a credit union.

Learn about creating a credit agreement for Apple Pay using a credit check.


If it’s not a gift, send a gift certificate to your employee and then pay with ApplePay.

You may also have to pay with a Paypal gift card if your employee is using Paypal.

Learn which Paypal card can accept Apple Pay, and when to use them.


Check your employee account balance.

If any of the items you’re buying have a lower value, you should use cash or credit to pay the higher amount.

If a gift item is higher in value than the item you’re purchasing, you shouldn’t pay with cash or the credit card.

You should pay with the credit and then your employee will have a credit.

Learn what is the difference in value between cash or check and credit and why employees should only pay with credit when they can’t pay directly with cash.


If all else fails, use your Paypal credit card or pay with another credit card with a PIN code.

If an employee doesn’t have a PIN on their Apple Pay or Apple Passcard, they can use their bank account to authorize Apple Pay for a purchase.

Learn Apple Pay PINs.

If they don’t have an iPhone or an iPad, you’re still able to pay via Apple Pay if you can link a PayCard account to their PayPal account.

When Apple Pay users pay with PayCard or another credit or PayCard card, they’ll receive a card to use at checkout.

Learn Pay Card terms, and how Apple Pay works with Apple’s Pay app.