How much would Georgia taxpayers pay for the cost of expanding the state’s health care program?

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Nathan Deal signs legislation allowing more medical marijuana patients to access medical marijuana in Georgia article Georgia Gov, Nathan Deal, signed House Bill 1282 into law, allowing for the state to begin allowing more qualified patients to use medical marijuana to treat their conditions, in addition to allowing those with serious conditions such as glaucoma or cancer to legally use the drug.

Under the bill, patients can receive up to three ounces of marijuana from licensed dispensaries and up to one ounce from a designated grow-op.

It allows them to obtain up to two ounces of cannabis per month for personal use, and allows them up to six months to cultivate and cultivate cannabis to the point of personal consumption.

Deal signed the bill into law on Wednesday, with the bill awaiting signature from state House Speaker Shap Smith.

Deal said the bill will allow Georgians to choose which medicine they want to use, rather than having to make a choice between a medicine they need and a medicine that is too expensive.

The law allows people who have received a medical marijuana card or who have been issued a medical cannabis card to use it in the state.

The law also allows those with a valid state identification card to possess up to a two-ounce container of cannabis.