Ghanaian Job hunt techniques


In the last couple of years that I have worked in recruitment and staff development, I have come across some of the most amusing concepts and strategies used by job seekers. Some do work actually and others just ensure your application gets thrown out. I will share a few of these and my thoughts on them with you.

Jumping head long in,

1. Whom You Know – this strategy is not new or peculiar to Ghana per say, but is considered a bit more effective in our setting that ensnares us all with the responsibility of ensuring good livelihoods for those we know. This is by far the easiest and most effective method of placement across the nation and given that, people will ensure that hired personnel have the requisite skills, would have been the best method of recruitment.

2. CV Dropping – I am not very sure how this became a method in the first place, but it is. Applicants go from company to company dropping CVs at the reception, and when possible speaking to HR officers. This can be very tiring and frustrating for most applicants. On the off chance that you meet somebody you know at the target company, then you can quickly fall back on the “whom you know” strategy. I personally do not recommend this method for entry level executive positions and upwards. For positions below this, that may not require too much, It can be the ideal system. I however recommend that you do use this to build your network of contacts as you move around, if you do use this method. You may get a referral

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