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We are a generation that thrives on having electricity constantly, yet for the past decade or so, Ghana has battled a major problem of erratic power supply. A lot of effort has been made to rectify this but unfortunately, this year, we have to deal with it again. Not a pleasant situation, but as individuals are efforts don’t seem to be making much of a difference.

Yet this unfortunate situation is providing a living for a huge section of the population. Those with large capital have setup business to import, install and maintain inverters and generators for those that can afford to “want” and live with uninterrupted power supply. The “not so rich” business men will stick with rechargeable lamps and lower down the capital ladder; we will have the candle makers whose earnings double and triple during these periods of unplanned power outages.

Our reliance on technology means our need for electricity is at an all time high, opening up another avenue for investors with the right capital. Introducing the era of the Power Bank, innovative rechargeable batteries, that varies in capacity and output, for charging up phones and laptops on the go.

I could go on and on about the opportunities that have sprung up in the “light” of our erratic power supply nicknamed Dumsor(to wit, power off and on), yet the one use of this situation I have found most exciting is the Dumsor Mobile Application.

It comes at a time when Dumsor is a trending word on social media all over Ghana and even in some other countries also. It is not a new concept but its timing and naming just go to show the ingenuity of the Ghanaian.

The Dumsor mobile application is a flashlight application developed by KodeFusion GH, atechnology startup company. Dumsor mobile application works on cell phones with in built camera flash, running the android OS and converts the flash into a flashlight. The app which was launched recently and is presently only available for android at the Google Playstore has received numerous positive reviews and within its first 5 days of launch had already been downloadedover 2500 times and counting.Dumsor mobile app is available for free on Google Play store and can be downloaded from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gidis.DumsorFuture updates of Dumsor includes ECG Load Management schedule where users will be notified of when there will be power outage in their locality, automatic flashlight switch when power goes off based on time set etc.

In a conversation with Francis Obirikorang, the Chief Innovations Office and co-founder of KodeFusion GH, I couldn’t resist asking what got him to put this together, and his answer was simple, he couldn’t stand the problem of not knowing the schedule of power outages and being thrust into total darkness without having so much as a torch on him. He found a problem that annoyed him so much he decided to fix it.Please link hyperlink to that article

Ghana has a lot of promise. Let’s keep looking at ways to solve them and we will be a very wealthy and satisfied people.

Dumsor Interface

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