Apple’s Apple TV is a big, ugly, weirdo

I spent hours at my local Apple store, listening to my Apple TV remote control, trying to figure out how it works.

The only thing that worked seemed to be trying to tap a certain icon on the remote that was on top of the screen.

That icon wasn’t always there, but it was always there.

I tried to tap the Home button and it would show me the current date, time, and weather, but then it would turn off the TV and the remote would show no date or time, just a blank screen.

The icon that came up when I tried this was called “Crackerbarrel.”

I tried that for a while, and I found that it would give me an incorrect version of the current weather forecast for New York City, New Jersey, and Chicago, which would also show a blank map on the TV screen.

It worked fine when the weather was cold and sunny, but when it was rainy and rainy it just didn’t work.

After a while I stopped using the remote control and just played through the show.

The new Apple TV version, announced on September 10, is a completely redesigned version of Apple TV with new features like improved remote control support, support for new Apple Watch bands, and new HomeKit apps.

I’ve been using an Apple TV for about three months, and it’s still one of my favorite gadgets ever.

It has the best Siri voice-recognition in any smart home device.

It’s got the best HomeKit support out of any smart device, and Apple’s Siri is fantastic.

And the best Apple TV app out of Apple’s app store, too.

But even the new version has some issues.

I found the new Apple Remote Control to be frustratingly difficult to use.

I had trouble navigating the remote buttons, and my Apple Watch app wouldn’t even let me tap the button for me.

I have a lot of Apple Watch apps that do the same thing, and Siri seemed to have trouble finding them.

Apple TV’s Apple Watch support, which requires you to have a new AppleTV running OS X Yosemite to access the Watch app, isn’t as simple as it was before.

In addition to having to connect a new device, you also have to update the watch’s firmware.

For Apple, that means upgrading the Watch OS to the most recent version, which can be a bit of a hassle.

Apple’s new iOS 10 app also has some quirks that make it a bit difficult to navigate the app, and you have to tap on the Home icon twice to get to the Home screen for your Apple TV.

But the most frustrating part about Apple TV has to be the Apple Watch App, which is a mess of a mess.

I don’t know how Apple can make its own version of Siri easier to use, but I have to admit that it’s a little disappointing that Apple is making a version of its Watch app that isn’t built to be easier to navigate.

And, if you use a smart home accessory like a thermostat, you have a better chance of using Apple Watch’s Siri with your Apple Watch than with the iPhone app.

I could watch Apple TV apps on my iPhone, and then use Siri with my Apple watch.

But, in my opinion, Apple doesn’t want to make Siri so easy that Apple Watch users won’t ever have the opportunity to use Siri on their smart devices.

Apple is clearly trying to create a smarter home, and this new Apple Home app is an attempt to do that.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Apple’s Watch app going forward, but if I was going to buy a new smart home product, I’d want one with an app that was built to make it easier for people to navigate its home screen.

And that’s not what Apple is delivering with this Apple TV upgrade.