We understand how important effective service is to business success.

ehjuma IWS

Our innovative solutions have been carefully developed to provide the best fit for your team to ensure you win in the marketplace

  • General Recruitment
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Staff Outsourcing
  • HR Outsourcing
  • HR Consultancy
  • Payroll
  • Training & Development

ehjuma BPS

Provides a unique service that allows us to share in the responsibility of service delivery with some strategic partners both locally and internationally.

  • Representative Office
  • Delivery Management
  • Startup Operations
  • Team onboarding
  • Training Partner
  • Certification and Exams Supervision
  • Operations Support

ehjuma RDP

Is a collection of digital services that provide employers and job seekers an opportunity to connect on the go through simple and proactive technologies.

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The ehjuma Future Leadership Program.. reloaded!

The ehjuma Future Leadership Program has seen a total refresh with new, high profile employers coming on board and requesting specific skills sets. This provides a whole new set of opportunities for applicants that weren't available before.

We see people making a lot of effort to live a meaningful life, and all the challenges that come with that day to day effort.

We put in our bit to help people along by providing easier and more efficient ways to find employment. To give businesses an edge in this increasingly cluttered, consumer-driven world, ehjuma has the expertise to uncover truly differentiating insights that drive strategically sound recommendations

Service Request Process

Request Service

Notify ehjuma of your Service need and provide the needed details as per the provided service structure

Confirm Request

Confirm details and sign off on service deliverables as provided and make the needed service request deposit.

Confirm Delivery

Confirm service delivery is in line with agreed deliverables and sign off on project status. Support will be provided per agreement