Ehjuma may allow you but only through express written permission to engage in certain personal uses of Ehjuma Content that include the ability to share certain Ehjuma Content with others (“Social Distribution”). For example, the Services may allow you to send certain Ehjuma Content to friends, display Ehjuma Content on your personal web site or post Ehjuma Content on a third party web site. You agree that you will not imply that you and Ehjuma are affiliated in any way or that Ehjuma approves of your comments. We reserve the right to revoke our permission for Social Distribution at any time and for any reason, and you agree to immediately cease Social Distribution upon notice of revocation and to comply with any terms we post in connection with the Social Distribution of Ehjuma Content.

Similarly, the Services may provide content that you may choose to embed on your personal web page, third party web site or social networking site by pasting the HTML or other code provided by us (typically labeled as an embed code) (“Widgets”). Widgets are Ehjuma Content and subject to the limited, revocable license described above. We may discontinue providing the services necessary for the Widgets to operate or we may disable Widgets you have embedded at any time for any reason without any liability to you. You agree that our permission to you to use Widgets does not provide you (or any third party) with any intellectual property rights in or to the Widget or any Ehjuma Content made available via any Widget.

NOTICE TO THIRD PARTY SITES: Any Ehjuma Content made available in connection with your site, or otherwise, by our Widgets, third party widgets or otherwise, is our exclusive property and no grant of any intellectual property rights is made by us. We retain the right to demand that you cease any use of Ehjuma Content upon notice.