Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. Yes I am sure you’ve come across this phrase before and are starting to get tired of all the philosophical quotes you get when things are tough. That’s great, because then I don’t have to explain the phrase before I launch into this story. This is really a story of how the ehjuma SMS service was born.

In May 2012, I made the decision to rebrand my Businesses which was at the time Synergy Placement, an all round recruitment firm and a few other ventures. But in so doing, I wanted to do a general overhaul of my brand as an individual entrepreneur and make sure it covered all the ventures I had. So ehjuma Group was born with a few ventures, one of which is ehjuma inc. which replaced Synergy Placement.

Initially when I ventured into recruitment there were a few challenges that affected our productivity heavily and almost crippled us as a recruitment agency. One of these core challenges was the communication between us and applicants. This was a three prong problem that really did give us hell. First we needed to inform applicants their documents were solid and we could proceed with setting up interviews for them, then we needed to let them know what interview times would be ahead of time, confirm and finally notify them afterwards if they got the job or not. Sounds very simple, but that is very far from it. We struggled along with this for a while until a conversation with an old friend in 2012 got me to start using SMS notifications. It did solve the problem to an extent but unfortunately was not tied into our applicant management system, making it an absolute headache to manage. This made managing applicants in general really tough.

Fortunately, in early 2013, during a late night party conversation with a friend, where we were discussing the dynamics of the job markets of the time, he mentioned going fully Digital with my service delivery and removing the human element. It felt like a light bulb had been lit in my head. I got home super excited that night and got to work immediately on developing a solution that will eliminate the human element and still afford me an opportunity to make a difference in my generation. I immediately got to work on background research on strategies that were being used by the biggest global recruiting brands. Most of them had gone digital to the some extent, and this was good for me. I picked out a few with strategies that seemed workable for our socio economic environment and got to work immediately, building something that will revolutionize the employment scene in Ghana and Africa as a whole. ehjuma SMS service was then born after 14 months of intense research and background development . ehjuma SMS is designed to work with a network of more 15,000 companies all over Ghana to deliver job openings to subscribers immediately they happen. With direct details of employers, we help you cut out the frustrations faced by many job seekers with middle men and job portals that refuse to provide contact information for companies. All jobs posted are vetted thoroughly to ensure validity, and in the rare situation of the company requesting recruitment through a third party, we go further to ensure the validity of said third party.

ehjuma SMS Works simply on the principle of notification. You need a job, but you have a degree in accounting. There are only so many accounting jobs, yet you could work in administration or some other similar discipline until such a time when is possible. Simple, once a subscriber specifies a general sector of work, they will receive daily notifications of jobs from that sector that could include what they would want and what they could apply for based on their skills and experiences. ehjuma SMS mainly caters for 4 sectors of interest, Namely ejob – general job notifications, ujob – professional job notifications, hjob – casual or temp job notifications and ijob – internships and attachment job notifications. The system is engineered to be as simple as possible. You text the keyword that is relevant to the short code 1901 and instantly begin receiving notifications at a small fee of GHP 0.35 (Ghana Pesewas). You will receive information on your subscription immediately you send it.

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I look back on the challenges we had as fledgling recruitment agency and appreciate them for innovation that has been born out of them. So for all of us in business, when we face challenges that seem overly daunting and seemingly not possible to push our operations beyond, lets put a little more effort into thinking outside the box and working to solve it. We don’t need to find a way around all problems. Sometimes we need to work through them. Additionally, we are a very blessed generation with access to huge amounts of information. Start with google and work your way down, and you will find other entrepreneurs who have faced similar problems and have solved it. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. And yes, think outside the box as much as you can. That way your solutions will stand out.

And also, when next a friend, sibling or general acquaintance mentions to you they need a job, don’t just say “I don’t know of any, but I will tell you when I hear of some”, tell them to text ejob to 1901. You will be making a difference.


Shalom and have a blessed week.

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