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    • An Honest Cedi to… July 5, 2017

      I have no capital is the most common cry of most people who have ambitions yet have not moved to realise those ambitions yet. I have always believed that capital in itself was not money. A little research taught me that I was right. It had absolutely nothing to do with money. In essence the origin of the word capital is from Middle English (as an adjective in the sense ‘relating to the head or top’, later ‘standing at the head or beginning’): via Old French from Latin capitalis, from caput ‘head’. So in truth all the capital you will ever need to realise any ambition or dream is your brain power. Please do not misconstrue my statement to mean the larger your head the bigger your capital instead, see it as the larger your vision and dream and ambition and capacity to imagine, the larger your capital. After all said and done, you still will need money to get a few things going. I learnt this today from one of my favourite online haunts and I am excited to be sharing this with you. I will mix in my thoughts as we go along just to make sure it’s not totally foreign to us all. Raising Capital the Honest Way We as entrepreneurs tend to exaggerate. We exaggerate the success of our business when talking to start up investors. We exaggerate the market potential of our products to find distribution partners. We exaggerate the soundness of our strategy to recruit employees. Funding your business without exaggerating isn't..

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    • Problem Solving, The story… July 5, 2017

      Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. Yes I am sure you’ve come across this phrase before and are starting to get tired of all the philosophical quotes you get when things are tough. That’s great, because then I don’t have to explain the phrase before I launch into this story. This is really a story of how the ehjuma SMS service was born. In May 2012, I made the decision to rebrand my Businesses which was at the time Synergy Placement, an all round recruitment firm and a few other ventures. But in so doing, I wanted to do a general overhaul of my brand as an individual entrepreneur and make sure it covered all the ventures I had. So ehjuma Group was born with a few ventures, one of which is ehjuma inc. which replaced Synergy Placement. Initially when I ventured into recruitment there were a few challenges that affected our productivity heavily and almost crippled us as a recruitment agency. One of these core challenges was the communication between us and applicants. This was a three prong problem that really did give us hell. First we needed to inform applicants their documents were solid and we could proceed with setting up interviews for them, then we needed to let them know what interview times would be ahead of time, confirm and finally notify them afterwards if they got the job or not. Sounds very simple, but that is very far from it. We struggled along with this for a while until a..

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    • How to write a… June 30, 2017

      Create a resume that works: the personal marketing brochure Before you begin developing your resume, ask yourself the following questions: What is my ideal internship? What skills and experiences will the interviewer value? What roles can I help with as an intern? When you know these things about your interviewer and the internship you want, you can cater to them in your resume. This is what the big ad agencies in the world get paid millions of bucks to do for companies like Pfizer and Coca-cola. Take a TV commercial for a pharmaceutical company--it will focus on how great you will feel after using their product. The product itself is barely mentioned. For allergy medication, the commercial is a scene of people rolling in fields of flowers with big smiles. These companies are selling solutions, not drugs. And it works fabulously. Your resume needs to sell you as a solution for the company. A company with a successful focus on the consumer is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola sells carbonated syrup, but commercials never describe the company as a manufacturer of carbonated syrup. Commercials show beautiful models and happy people who want to "teach the world to sing in perfect harmony." Coke is selling satisfaction, not soda. Coke is selling happiness; you are selling helpfulness—that is what an intern needs to be—helpful. Depending on the internship, what will make you helpful varies. So think about what makes you helpful and write about it in your resume. Once you know and understand your market, there are ways to take your resume to the..

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