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We believe internships and apprenticeships will help empower a lot more young people. we believe tomorrow's workforce are ready to start today

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ehjuma is a premium platform providing a relationship development atmosphere for employers and employees through simple and proactive penetrating technologies. The services we offer fall into the broad categories of temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development, as well as outsourcing and consulting. ehjuma is based in Accra, Ghana with operational representatives across the country.

We inspire individuals and organisations to work more effectively and efficiently, and create greater choice in the domain of work, for the benefit of all concerned. As a leading provider of HR solutions – a business that has a positive impact on thousands of people every day – we are conscious of our role. Helping people to better work, better life is our common purpose and the way in which we contribute to society.

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The African student is ready to leave the classroom and get to work. Our society has always thrived on apprenticeship and hands on knowledge transfer, but we seem to have lost it along the way, effectively turning a majority of people into teachers and this creates a huge problem as we are a doing people and not much of a saying people -- PaaKojo Adjei-Larbi

Our Team

Its 2017 and we understand telecommuting.With a small very able team running operations from our offices in Accra, we are able to coordinate the efforts of our telecommuting team from around the globe to bring together a premium selection of talents that help us deliver the solutions we offer. Our operations are primarily digital which allows us to employ some of the best skills regardless of location, as our system allows to collaborate on the different parts of the service delivery supply chain and deliver above standard results fully and on time.

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